To Kill a Mockingbird book to movie Review:  The To Kill Mockingbird Movie adapts the source  material without the “Mockingbird Side”

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Rating 3/5

To Kill a Mockingbird the movie tries to put Harper Lee’s massive hit novel To Kill a Mockingbird on to the big screen. The adaptation into the screen has memorable moments but also has flaws. The book adaptation is about Atticus (played by Gregory Peck) a lawyer living in the racist filled deep south. Atticus has to defend a black man Tom Robinson (played by Brock Peters) in court because he was falsely accused of raping a white woman, the daughter of Bob Ewell. Through the events of this story Atticus’s children, Jean Louise and Jem Finch learn that their father is a “nigger lover”. Atticus wants to teach his children the right way to equality, in a microcosm of the racist filled south. I rate this movie a 3 out of 5 because To Kill a Mockingbird (the movie) does not perfectly adapt the source material. Taking away Naive perspective of the book.

To kill a Mockingbird has a great message to younger audiences about discrimination. This book is lovable because of its story playing out in the perspective of innocent minds. The symbolism through this book also teaches Jem and Jean (Atticus’s children) a lesson about how not to kill innocence/the innocents, which shows us the lynching happening in the time period that the story plays in.  These characters live in a small town called Maycomb, which is a microcosm of the southern part of the united states during the 1930s. Scout the young protagonist faces challenges when coming of age as her dad faces of in court against the antagonist Bob Ewell a “redneck” who claims that her daughter was raped by the black man Atticus is defending, Through the story, we dive into the depths of racism in this southern town.

Scouts character development was a major flaw in the movie because as viewers we did not get to see her grow with mentors around her, she was just another piece in Atticus’s story. This is not what To Kill a Mockingbird is about. It is about scout growing as a character and learning that Maycomb county is not perfect. The director of this movie decided to focus on the court case instead of scouts character development. That part of the book was so special to me, I got to learn a lifelong lesson about discrimination with the protagonist of the book. If I had never read to kill a Mockingbird and saw scout in the movie I would have thought she was childish and never grew, however, in the book she understands the symbolism of killing a mockingbird (innocence) which is not just for killing Tom Robinson the innocent black man but for also growing up and letting go of your innocence.

Getting to grow with these characters is not the only lovable thing about them is getting to know their lifestyles in their small town, and seeing the things they enjoy doing. If you take this away from the book you also take away the fun that comes with the book. An example of removing silly moments was when they decided to remove the character Mr. Havrey. Jem during winter (a whole part of the book they decided to remove) was making a snowman, he made it really big and wide, he made it look angry and grumpy. When he finished he asked scout if it reminded her of anyone, she said Mr. Havrey and started laughing. Through this, we get to know the humor of these children better and it is a funny moment, I got a chuckle when I first read this. When I first read the book I loved scouts Tomboy personality, I loved the commitment that Jem had to his father’s job, and I loved how the characters learned and grew together. This movie does not have the same for me it makes me intrigued but not in love with its characters like the book did.

The production of this movie tells the story with great imagery and great casting. A highlight of the movie that stuck in my head was the casting of Gregory Peck, he does an amazing job at playing his role. Peck represents the character of Atticus so well, he shows maturity and treats his children with respect. Not a single moment across the movie I thought Peck was out of character, he consistently manages me to keep attached to the screen. Another Pro was the filming I thought the close ups into the faces of Tom Robinson during court made us really feel the emotions that the characters have. Overall the production of the movie looked really good. There was some questionable filming but even with black and white I still thought the scenery was really good. The imagery of the movie looked crisp.

The to kill a mockingbird movie, had solid choices on casting, memorable moments, but this movie does not capture the magic of the book by removing characters arches and moments of the book. The To Kill a Mockingbird movie successfully adapts the story but fails to pursue what made the book successful. This movie is a good adaptation of To kill a mockingbird but could have done much more. I rate this movie ⅗  because I just can’t watch it and watch it again without feeling tired of the story, unlike the book which wants me coming back for more.

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Border Crossing Review

Border Crossing review


  1. border-crossing-sign-creative-commons-believeinnow-com_.jpg     I think the plot of this book is interesting as you progress through the story. I meant that our perspective, point of view, interest about the theme changes as you progress through the book, more and more deep every sheet. Frankly in my opinion the plot is driven out as soon as Cesi started talking about how she is on a quest to find her cultural identity.


  1.        When I first began to read “Border Crossing”  I was not as engaged as I am to this day, the book was starting to not reach anything or to be interesting. This book got me confused several times and I was trying to understand the characters of the book. As I read about Cesi’s quest on finding her identity the book started to accelerate its actions but it was still pretty non engaging, as we started moving into the book it started to catch my attention I started to learn about these characters as I was learning about how people have trouble on gaining knowledge on their roots and cultural heritage although the roots are always inside the person.


       What the book is trying to say is that  you can live around the world and to have an                    international vision but there is a place, a space, things, roots, shortcut that carry you on your    cultural identity. Overall my experience with the book was fine I would not say that it is the fastest accelerating.


  1.      The main characters: Cesi,  the protagonist is brave and has courage, her aspirations are to know more about her unknown side of her identity, she is a person that can make friends easily as it is shown in the book by the other character Tony, a foil character that highlights the qualities of the main character Cesi. Another character that becomes interesting is his father, that is always hiding things and information about his past. There are different and strong personalities, Cesi is finding answers and his father is hiding his past, but finally the book teaches that we put our own barriers, because the xenofobie is for ignorant people and the past, culture and heritage is rich to everyone.


  1.           Going to the end of the book the main character Cesi matures and learns about her heritage and where she comes from, And she quoted “I remember those mexican girls with their tight braids and their warm burrito lunches my stomach hurts just from thinking I disrespected them” she has matured and reflected on her actions. Although I think  this redaction is stereotyping mexican people and it has some details that if you know Mexico they are not necessarily true, for example the reference about mexican burritos sounds like the classical stereotipo, finally the character did mature through some experiences and facts.


  1.         This book has loads of flashbacks explaining the meaning and what the characters do in the book. The book structure is sort of odd it has a weird start with characters that don’t foreshadow or are added into the book for no reasons, for example, Katy and his brother Max, without give or add something to the story or Seci. Although the structure might be weird,  the dialogues and the plot makes sense in the way it is written, it has a congruent ending.


  1. The topics could be individual identity and cultural identity, now the theme is finding ones identity. I think this because it is easy to spot that Seci has the courage and is willing to find her own identity, The author uses multiple obvious symbols that Seci is wanting to find her identity because she does not know about her mexican heritage


  1.  A dialogue that struck me the hardest was when tony was teaching seci how to speak spanish, because not only could I see the courage of seci trying to understand but I could also see how tony ( a foil character) was willing to teach seci someone who he did not even have knowledge of her being his cousin and was still wanting to teach her spanish and about the country.


  1.  I think the end is oddly satisfying, for the type of book this is the ending makes sense to me because in the end she did learn it is not like it would have a unsatisfying ending in my opinion because the form that it is written (“i will find my individual identity”) just does not seem to that she would not learn from a goal she put to herself, I also think she quoted and described mexico in a satisfying manner and I think that it satisfied me enough to the point where I could say it was a good ending.


  1. What I would ask maria colleen cruz would be, how did you come up with the idea? I would ask her this because in this novel she gives this really interesting point of view and a really creative idea of a realistic fiction which gives us the point of view of a 11 of 12 year old girl which is trying to find her individual identity. A question that I would also ask her would be if pas experiences or past problems gave her the Idea to create this heartwarming story


  1.  In a way it has it has made me a more conscious and concerned person, it made me reflect and look back at who I am. Now I look at myself sometimes and I say would I of been able to do that, I tell myself do I know myself and the answer is no, i’m still young and have so much more things to discover about myself that I don’t know of, I could learn new things each day.

News Article About Louis Cousin and His other Cousin

This is my news Article about Loui His cousin and His other cousin

The Stolen Cadillac Mystery Solved

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.04.48 PM.png

A juvenile Puerto Rican was found crashed into a lightpost. The delinquent was found driving a yellow Cadillac which then we were informed about a person who his yellow Cadillac was stolen. The delinquent was found injured in his forehead and had bloody lips. He was found by the police and was taken by them.


Questioning my own bias


Today a Puerto rican male was found Crashed into a lightpost in the alley of the mango street . He was pursued by the police as he was driving a yellow cadillac with white wall wheels . He was handcuffed and put at the back of the cop car. He is in ok conditions with A bloody lip and a bruised forehead.

Final Journal Entry #5

I feel like the younger characters in this book are very important to the story but because of their age, they really don’t have a big impact on the major conflicts happening around them. For example the Tom Robinson case, Scout does not have any major authority in the situation since she is just a little kid. Towards the ending of the book, Scout matures but in bigger the bigger problems of the book she has no impact on the world around them, and neither does Jem.

Obviously, the Finch family are considered the higher race because they’re white which means that really they are not going to be dehumanized as they do to the colored people of Maycomb county. Because Atticus is white he is getting more backlash from this, since he is white and should be against black people.

I feel as if scout likes to use a mentality which is very childish. Probably the most prominent example is the jailhouse scene in which scout just decides to embarrass Mr. Cunningham with no realization over what she has done. Jem likes to protect the ones he loves the most when instead scout sees the world as something very black and white. I think this is a thought we should not implement into our lives because it is a silly thought.

Writing from a different perpspective



This is the Jailhouse scene from Jem’s perspective

I saw him there sitting alone in the dark as if he were waiting for something to happen. Then I see some cars pull up and I’m doubting that they’re just there to say hi to Atticus, but I must stay back I don’t want him to see me but I must see him from far and not reveal that I’m here. They start talking to Atticus and immediately as they bring Tom Robinson into the situation I see the risk that Atticus is at right now, I’ve heard those myths about the Ku Klux Klan. I got to go help my dad but before I can think scout is sprinting ahead I’m not worried about us getting in trouble but about scout and Atticus, what could happen to them.

“Hey Atticus,” Scout says out loud I am still nervous and I have to help, I wanted to say back off but I had to take the situation seriously, I can’t risk our lives like this. Atticus said, “leave Jem, leave and take scout and dill with you”. I said, “no I’m staying”. Before I could say anything I felt a firm grip on me, this man was holding me by the neck, good thing that scout had kicked him in his gonads. He let go of me luckily but I’m not leaving I’m staying for Atticus, and scout shouts “Hey Mr. Cunningham”. After she finished talking about her beating his son you could see that I could feel the embarrassment in Mr. Cunningham’s face, he kneeled down and his hands on Scout’s shoulders and told her “I’ll say hi to him”.

Here I am freaking out about that we could of all died because of these men, but then they decide to pull away, I guess Mr. Cunningham had to show his humanity and leave because of his relation to my family. I felt like my dad in that situation the pressure was on, not just for me and my family but for Tom,.Atticus and I walk down he massages my head, I’m relieved Atticus is fine and he is relieved too.  


Jem understands what the men intend since he is not as naive as other characters as dill. Also, he understands because they said that they would forcefully move him if they did not let them kill Tom Robinson. He also understands the words they say to Atticus and because they literally start choking him.


He felt embarrassed and he feels worried about what might happen to scout and atticus but he feels almost as embarrassed he wanted to catch scout so nothing happened to her but I feel like he was running towards them and not to stop them and not to go with those bad men but I guess that he is surprised that scout is that naive and made the men go away

# 1 Journal entry about Maids in the 1930s

During the great depression jobs became scarce, and to be an African American or negro you had an even smaller chance to get a job. This is supported by data of the 1930s which mention that being an African American had two or 3 less employment that whites have. This is present in to kill a mockingbird since not only would characters give negroes a bad reputation, like Mrs. Radley gossiping about negroes doing bad things they did not do but also a whole chapter dedicated to scout debating that many people that were lawyers would not defend negroes. Due to job opportunities being rare this meant that many African Americans would take very low-income jobs, for example, being a servant or a maid. Today maids in the united states are really expensive but back then they were rarely paid so little.

The usual life of a maid would be difficult, because of them getting paid ten dollars a month. The stress and danger of being a maid were big, living by a thread with a low wage was the least suitable life in the 1930s.

# 2 Journal Entry of Agriculture in the 1930s

          During world war 2 the farmers had a hard time, because of the prices falling this meant that they had to produce even more because of the debts they had to pay and to have the ability to feed their families. Many businesses started to slowly fall apart, farmers started to go bankrupt and losing their hard work they have had for years. This connection applies to TKAM because we see how badly this is affecting Walter cunningham’s family the most throughout the books because it is canonical in the book that Walter Cunningham pays debts with goods. More than 2,200 workers were fired or lost their jobs. Many complaints were made, and the government did absolutely nothing about it.

        Until the government told the farmers to start making fewer crops because of this farming would have a higher demand and less supply which meant that the farmers were going to raise the price of their crops making them have a benefit and taking advantage of making their crops more scarce on purpose. The prices going down was a problem in itself but where the farmers about to face an even larger problem, the infamous dust bowl. The dust bowl was a series of dust storms causing a drought meaning that growing crops was near to impossible