Biloxi pulling out TKAM

This is my reaction to the article Why did Biloxi pull ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ from the 8th grade lesson plan? By Karen nelson. The Biloxi school got complains about wording in the To Kill A Mockingbird book and took it out of the 8th grade due to the controversy that it was receiving from the school community. It was a decision which happened by the department of the school because it was something they did not vote on. These events happened through Wednesday and Thursday. The vice president of the school made the final decision to ban it due to complains about language making people uncomfortable and they did not want to have that message sent to future students and the teens in the school. Also the teacher said that it was banned due to the plot talking about rape and discrimination.


I think that the book should not be banned because it is supposed to be for 8th graders which means it would not have an impact on younger audiences. I see why they would ban the book but I don’t think the plot was a major reason to ban it because coming of age stories generally have more mature plots and topics that they talk about. An example of this is The House on Mango Street which is a coming of age story which talks about rape and sexual abuse, this book is also coming of age and talks about the similar topics. I disagree that this book should have been banned from the 8th grade curriculum since middleschool can handle more mature topics.

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